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Roman Rite Crafts

Traditional handcrafts, for love of Tradition.


Share Your Love for the Roman Rite

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The merchandise is excellent. The website is customer friendly - easy to use, and the customer service is superb! The products and the service are both first class, so I highly recommend this website! I am extremely happy shopping at Roman Rite Crafts. Great place to shop!" -Ralph, Seymour 

Our Mark

RRC.Brand only=2x2_.png

It is a profession of faith and reverence for our patrimony,

prayed by countless Saints throughout the centuries. 

Like the Deposit of Faith, it is not innovative or effeminate.

It is strong, beautiful, classic and enduring;

an emblem of timeless truth and holiness.

Like the badges of the Cristeros or the Vendéeans,

It is a token of dauntless fidelity to Roman Catholicism

and the traditional rites of worship developed therein.

Our Mark is Made to Be Displayed

+ The surmounting cross proclaims the Kingship of Christ +

+ The central anchor tells of our rootedness in Sacred Tradition +

+ Swept letters suggest the "A+M" of Ave Maria, for our patroness +

+ Medieval characters recall the high ages of the Latin missal +

+ Mirrored R's acclaim the venerable Roman Rite +

Our mark is a declaration:

"I am a Roman Catholic, and proud of my sacred heritage!"

Our Craft

With an emphasis on heirloom leathercraft and textiles,

our Old World guild approach allows time for prayer and work,

as we hand-craft pieces from the highest quality materials.


Our intention is to glorify God, foster our families,

and honor the Roman Rite of our forebears.

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