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For Love of Tradition

Laudetur Iesus Christus!

I'm Veronica, the busiest (although not the only) artisan behind Roman Rite Crafts. I first began in leatherwork by following that desire which is so common to Catholic women of traditional inclination: the creative urge to make handicrafts in the home.

Patching projects soon gave way to quilting pillows and sewing tiny doll dresses for the nieces, but this just wasn't enough. Going on to learn leather crafting brought a whole different horizon of adventure – and one for which I soon learned I had a knack. There is something deeply rewarding about working with such classic, rugged, natural materials, and Roman Rite Crafts is my way of sharing that joy with you!

Like the others behind the scenes at Roman Rite Crafts, the Catholic Faith – and above all, its expression in the Traditional Latin Mass – is the greatest treasure of my life. I pray that my handiwork can bring you not only remarkable handmade leather items of the highest quality, but a means to proclaim the infinite worth of our sacred heritage.

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Leather and Beeswax...

...they go together like cassock and surplice!


Although able to work in vegetable-tanned and other chromium-tanned leathers, we typically work with premium top-grain, oil-tanned sides. This type of leather exhibits an amazing range of vibrant colors and textures, often with a firm but supple hand that makes it perfect for smaller items like ours.

We source all of our leathers from the American midwest, selecting only the best pieces that will wear beautifully, acquire a unique patina, and stand the test of time. As such, all of our items are made in tiny batches from materials currently in stock, and custom orders take a bit more time.

Our stitching is with a high-grade bonded nylon for durability, and many of our products are finished with a semi-gloss edge, created by buffing with the same 100% beeswax that we use for blessed candles at home. (In our opinion, the only smell more pleasant than genuine leather is a beeswax-finished leather!)

We are the artisans, and you are the patrons – restoring Catholic culture.

Long live Christ the King!

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