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Spiritual armament for the Campions and Clitherows of today.

Taking its design cue from the leather cartridge-wallets of the Great War, the Recusant keeps a triad of powerful sacramentals discretely within reach. The included aluminum cartridges come with leather tags to designate your blessed oil, water, and salt (oleum, aquasal, naturally). Each cartridge comes with rubber O-ring seals to prevent leaking.


The antique brass keyring makes the Recusant highly travelable in your pack, on your belt, or in your toiletries bag, and a rear pocket can easily store ID cards or the formula for emergency baptism. Great for sanctifying hotel rooms when you're on the go, and makes a thoughtful gift for priests, military chaplains, and the Catholic remnant of our own time.


**Please note that initialing, though possible, does not show as well on the pebble grain hides due to the textured surface of the leather.  

RECUSANT | edc sacramental pouch

PriceFrom $35.00
Leather Color
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