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Calamus gladio fortior. For all those weary of cheap and disposable implements – it's time for a serious pen! 


We're bringing back heirloom writing tools with this solid brass cartridge pen, inspired by the wall sconces of ages past.  The Feria boasts an eminently simple yet beautiful design, milled from a single brass blank at roughly 5 inches and 1.4 ounces, with a matte finish. The 0.5mm gel rollerball writes like a scriptorium dream, but don't let the nimbleness fool you – there's enough heft here to be employed in self-defense or as a glass-breaker in a pinch.


As with all brass items, the Feria will develop a patina unique to your hand over years of use, and is durable enough to be passed to the next generation. Comes with a gorgeous top-grain, debossed black leather sleeve, which may be stamped with initials if desired. 

FERIA | brass pen

PriceFrom $20.00
Sleeve Color
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