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St. Raymond Nonnatus, great mercedarian and evangelist to the Turks, has long been honored as a patron of healing, protection, and safe pregnancy and childbirth.


Handmade from 100%, locally sourced beeswax, these candles are perfect for devotional and aesthetic use, with the distinctive honey-rich aroma and air purifying virtue of the "goodly golden light". 


+Tea Lights are .75” inches tall and 1.5” diameter and burn 3-3.5hrs each. Includes six (6) per box. As one of the greatest candle blessings in the Roman Rituale is conferred under his intercession, each set of Nonnatus candles includes a holy card of St. Raymond Nonnatus and a Roman Rite sticker.


+Tapers are 8 inch standard size and burn 7-8 hours each. Includes two (2) tapers and a St. Raymond holy card.


+Taper candles may be ordered in bulk (20+ candles) at a reduced rate of $4/candle, excluding $10 shipping. Please email for any questions.

NONNATUS | St. Raymond candles

PriceFrom $9.00
  • Due to our competitive pricing on candles, bulk orders do not qualify for free shipping. The additional shipping cost is factored into the bulk pricing.

    I.e. 20 candles and 30 candles with 1 prayer card is priced at $90 and $130, which includes a $10 shipping fee/batch. 

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